How to get Free V Bucks Fortnite – Last Updated Generator V Bucks 2019

On this page, we explain how to get more V-Bucks for free in Fortnite: Battle Royale, with a breakdown of how to earn V-Bucks from daily log-ins and quests. Generator: Click here

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s easily one of the biggest free to play games on the planet, so it should come as no surprise to learn that the majority of its income pivots on the in-game Item Shop where players can purchase cosmetics with real-world currency. Of course, these don’t offer an advantage, but they’re purely for fashion’s sake and looking absolutely fabulous.


To bag your cosmetic goodies, you’ll be spending real-world currency in exchange for V-Bucks. With these, you’ll be able to buy new outfits for your character, new gliders, new harvesting tools, backbitings and more (the list is exhaustive!). There’s also a little something called a Battle Pass, which adds a unique form of progression to your matches. It’ll level up as you play the game and complete its challenges, rewarding you with exclusive cosmetic gear that can’t be found in the Item Shop. As you can tell, there’s a lot on offer if splash a bit of cash. Generator: 

Currently, the only way to get your mitts on a stack of V-Bucks is to fork out cash and choose a bundle of Bucks that fits your budget. If you’re a little strapped for money at the moment, it’s not all doom and gloom, however.

If you’ve got more time than cash at your disposal, then there are some surprisingly efficient methods for getting hold of more V-Bucks, and do so without whipping out your credit card too. There’s just one small drawback though, which is that you’ll need to buy the single-player Save The World PVE component of Fortnite. Sometimes you’ll find it at a discount, so do keep an eye on the store to save yourself a bit of cash.

Just below we’ve broken down all of the methods for getting free V-Bucks that are currently available to the playerbase. Before you get going though, we’ll repeat Epic Game’s own warning that you should never click on any links promising free V-Bucks, or install any hacks on your device. It’s guaranteed that you’ll have your account stolen from you, sensitive details stolen or viruses of some nasty sort sliding into your system. Be careful. Generator: Click here

We’ve taken the opportunity to overhaul our free V-Bucks guide with all the latest information. .

It’s also worth highlighting the importance of owning Fortnite’s PVE component, Save The World. It’s pretty pricey at $39.99, but it often goes on seasonal sales for a $19.99 so make sure you keep an eye out. Generator:




Avoiding V-Bucks Scams

Those are all of the legitimate methods that are currently known for increasing your tally of V-Bucks. Anyone promising you a faster shortcut is trying to trick you into either passing over your account information, or simply farming your enthusiasm for clicks.

Epic Games recently announced that it was in the process of starting legal action against some of the more problematic sites, and if you have used one of them in the past then you are highly encouraged to update your password on a different device to the one you signed up with.

That concludes the second edition of our guide on how to get more V-Bucks for free in Fortnite: Battle Royale! If you know of any other methods, please let us know in the comments.We’ll also be keeping our eyes peeled for any other money-making opportunities that exist out there, and will add the details into this article. Generator: Click here

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